Stony by Little

In this collection I harmoniously combine different types of beads with silver and faceted stones mounted. The creations are casual, colourful and vibrant, precious. 

Cosmic birth

Am creat aceasta colectie avand ca sursa de inspiratie nasterea cosmica, de aici denumirea cosmic birth. Culorile se imbina in straturi, se involbureaza asemanator cu ceea ce observam noi pe pamant in galaxii indepartate in care se nasc stele. In noi se naste astfel bucuria inceputului in fiecare zi. Purtatoarea va fi animata de energia…

Gold precious

Gold has fascinating people since time immemorial with its brilliance and nobility. A gold jewel will make you shine!

Hope & Regeneration

The subject of this collection is nature, hope and regeneration. In nature we see how plants grow from a small seed...

Dreaming of the sea

Dreaming of the sea I created this collection combining resin, colours and silk.

Water of life

The source of inspiration for this collection is flowing water, but also the sea, changing shades of blue, lighter or darker, depending on the depth of the water or the support in which it is naturally found on land.


Modern and cheerful jewellery shapes.

Massive silver

Geometric and natural shapes made in sterling silver, unique jewellery.


Coloured flowers in geometric or free forms. An explosion of colours and life!

Inspired by Gaudi

Jewellery inspired by the wonderful creations of the talented architect Gaudi... colours is fantasy.